Directional Drilling

OkADK are Aussie Drill Kings!!!!!!! ADK has over 10 years as a lead contractor in the high risk horizontal directional drilling industry UNDERBORING everywhere between Hervey Bay to Hopevale. ADK is based in CAIRNS with HDD Regal Experience of positive outcomes driven by a focus to succeed. Success is a combination of client satisfaction (both new & return customers), economic growth, business development, an endless pursuit to provide a safe work environment and most importantly happiness in your pursuit of success.

ADK was born ADK Hire on the cusp of the world global financial crisis, adjusted to ADK Civil in the middle of the GFC and evolved into Aussie Drill Kings as people were hoping for a brighter future. Any business owner can tell you that operating through a world global financial crisis is never fun but definitely a valuable experience if you survive to the other side, as we have. During this period of a depressed global economy ADK built a reputation of being a reliable contractor that can deliver a product others could not achieve. ADK’s Success Story is largely due to endless support from Major Electrical & Communication Utility Providers; Regional Councils in Central, North & Far North Queensland; Land Developers; Federal Funded Asset Owners; and an ever expanding list of local Corporate & Sole Trader Businesses. ADK was and still is a brave face in an industry that is based on fear, we provide rock solid, reliable underground network solutions that builds: an ever expanding optic fibre cable circuit to deliver high speed mobile data; water systems for life; electricity for warmth; and sewer for sanitary bliss within your everyday established streets of highly populated cities.

ADK’s ability to install by directional drill underground ducting from 50mm to 800mm anywhere below roads, rivers, footpaths, buildings, school classrooms and world heritage listed forests without the need to trench is a great skill and we take pride in our work. Directional drilling is more than putting a machine on the ground, it takes a laser focused attitude to investigate every known service in the ground, an adept instinct to uncover the unknown, visual premonition to design a bore path to install ducting through the web of existing services without ever being able to see the sewer, water, gas, power, communications or stormwater networks that many describe a minefield and most importantly a nerve of steel to deliver the end product. But just when you think it is easy add a dose of Earthly elements ranging from groundwater that could sink ships, sand that grips like quicksand, rocks that you wished you had some dynamite in your back pocket or holes excavated so deep that at the bottom the stars can be seen then you soon get to appreciate the immense obstacles we overcome to provide you the underground network solution you need..

Aussie Drill Kings trade as ADK, ADK are Aussie Drill Kings!!!!!!!

We are not massive, we are small, we are skilful, we are solidly booked and we will get your job done.

So when you are not sure who can deliver think – OkADK.